Monday, April 15, 2013

Joined IIMB as a EPGP Student

I was probably satisfied with whatever I had achieved in my life. Good salary, international trips, air conditioned office, staying with my family etc, I was having a totally laid back and relaxed life. It was after few 'patialas', I was enlightened by the discussion my colleagues were having about benefits of MBA. Prepared for GMAT and with luck on my side, got a decent score to apply to good universities around the world.

Came up with a list of 4-5 colleges who would have been proud to have me as a student. Applied to INSEAD, IIM A, B, C, and ISB was in pipeline. The application to SP Jain was just match practice.  A great saint once said, learn from your mistakes, and after INSEAD did not deemed fit at application stage, IIM A, B, C got lucky to have my interview scheduled. But it was destined that I become a student of IIMB.

Bangalore has called me back albeit in a different role as a student of 1 year full time residential programe (titled EPGP). I knew that life has now taken a different course and there will be some fresh breath and new chapters in my lifebook. Interesting but full of hurdles. The biggest one to go back to college life and develop the habit of learning reading books and attending long lectures.

Lets find out what is in store in this MBA programe in coming days :).

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