Monday, April 22, 2013

Is this the society our future generations will inherit?

Just the other day, I have mentioned that when awakening starts, the common man can change the world. But it seems that we are still helpless when it comes to stopping crime against the opposite gender. There have been widespread protests against the brutality of crime happened on 16 Dec and it seemed that finally there will be fear in the minds of people and they will think twice before committing such crime. But the way the case has progressed in the fast track court, it seemed the perpetrators of such crime feel more secured.

I really do not have any words to describe the heinousness of the crime which happened couple of days back in Delhi. How sick the person is to commit such dastardly act with a 5-yr old girl? There is no place for such a person in this world. On top of it, the response by our police is unpardonable. Why is it that any action is being taken by our law enforcement agencies only when people are coming on to streets? It is the responsibility of our Delhi Police to protect the people and make people feel safe in their own city. Why do we have to run down the streets every time a crime takes place?

And it is surprising that such crimes are not being committed by high profile individuals but by folks who are even having difficulties in meeting their daily needs. One can imagine what would have happened if their was a big personality involved. Or rather it is also possible that those incidents are not even making it to headlines. It is high time that these criminals are brought to justice at a very fast pace. It is imperative that judgement in 16 Dec case is delivered soon.

Currently the only hope lies in the action taken by society. Like disowning the individuals or their families by their community or isolation of criminals by even the fellow inmates in jail. May the social stigma which such crimes are bringing becomes enough deterrent otherwise we will be ashamed to look into the eyes of our next generations for the world they would be inheriting. The crime might not stop immediately but only if we try, we could make this world better day by day.

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