Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time to tighten belt

So the honeymoon period ended after Pegasus camp and its time to get down to do some serious business. Its been only three days the classes has actually started, and looking at the way it is going, this is going to be a really long one year. I wonder how is the notion that you blink and miss, and that time flies in this one year course. After being away from regular lectures for more than 10 years and to think of it that I had dozed off in almost every  training sessions at office, it is going to be an uphill task to sit for classes from morning to evening.

Nonetheless, the professors are highly qualified and have full faith in the batch's quality. That is why everything is moving like a Chinese bullet train where the train is not in direct contact with the tracks. Hopefully, soon there will be a transitional phase where we will converge with this bullet train.

There have been three different subjects which have been started in these three days and from tomorrow, will have to make some space in this highly congested brain for 3 more subjects. The added incentive of heavy study material is that we will be physically fit by the time this first term ends, with all the pot bellies crushed as part of collateral damage.

Dozing off now to catch some sleep to get recharged for another long day tomorrow.


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