Saturday, April 27, 2013

Inside EPGP - The plot is unfolding

So most of the intellectuals already know what goes inside management programs. Especially with these one year program where a 2-year schedule and material is cramped inside a single year, there is no breathing space. We have got lectures starting at 8:00 in the morning which means I have to wake up at 6:00 because of our accommodation a little away from college campus. I am still struggling to cope with this adverse change in my daily schedule. It is not deniable that accommodation at Ajmera is eating up some of my sweet sleep time. And the lectures are slowly moving towards interesting.

In fact, the first week looked like eternity and in eon years I had a busy schedule on Saturday. During the week got to learn about the nuances of different managerial aspects and it is not even tip of iceberg. The professors are highly rated and amongst the best in the country and there is huge learning curve available to be picked. Slowly coming to terms of it, and comparatively 2nd week is coming to an end faster. Yes, it has not been even 2 weeks into the course yet. The irony is that we have been assigned seats by the EPGP office and because my name starts with 'A', I am seated in front row. A far cry from my last row seat which could have made life much easier for me :(.

I think the regular group study sessions at Au Bu Pain is making it easier to learn. My fellow batch mates and 'partners-in-crime' Rahul and Martand have helped a big deal in picking up the basics in Financials and Data Modelling. Besides these sessions, there is hell lot of project work to be completed. Be it analysis of financial reports or looking at strategies which corporates employ these days, the plate is already full. But as it is said ' Hum honge kamyaab'.

Though it would have been a added advantage if we would have been staying at IIMB campus, but Ajmera is not bad. The gym is good which allows me to devote some time towards shedding excess fab accumulated over years. The icing on cake is swimming pool inside the complex and I can relax and freshen up after a hard day. I still have to utilize the other club facilities and hopefully I will be successful in coming few days.

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