Saturday, May 04, 2013

journey is getting interesting

Contrary to what I mentioned
in my earlier post, the time is now flying at EPGP program. It looked like that we joined the program just the other day and we are staring at the mid-terms next week. This little mind of mine is being challenged to maximum by the grinding schedule. They say that Rome was not build in one day, but it seems this is true only for lesser mortals. We are actually being trained to challenge this perception. So much has been covered in wide range of topics. Beside there is so much load of project work and assignments to be completed. Either we will adapt to it or I will become insulated or immune (whatever you call it). It will be fun either ways.

In addition to study or work, wide range of activities are happening on and off campus. CR election has been very interesting. It was a conscious decision by me to withdraw from election process despite protests by my numerous fans ;). There have been few photo shoots in last couple of weeks in preparation for the D-day November onwards. It was also required to be in formals with strict dress code. It has been ages I have been in 'formal' wear. Except for
probably couple of interviews or to solicit my presence at marriage ceremonies, there was never any need. But it also gave us chance to capture the beauty of the campus. Luckily I got a breather from formals for the next shoot with some strategic planning.

Then there have been quite a few celebrations already at Ajmera. This Saturday was my anniversary and first time I was away from my 'biwi' on this day. Just so that I do not miss her, she sent a cake directly at my residence. A small celebration followed it at my place. Then there have been birthday celebrations of Prem and Poornima with belated B'day of Chirag on both occasions. Few new members added to the EPGP already -  birth of twins at Sampath's and lil' one at Martand's.