Thursday, May 16, 2013

C&S Discussion

Many a times I have wondered how does experience matter in a classroom. What difference does it makes to the discussion. Today this experience dynamics was in full force in C-21. As more and more cases are being disposed off in competition and strategy class, e-yumbiez are becoming more and more intellectuals. The best part is that each one of us have started to question established theories. What it means is that we are analyzing deep into any aspect we are being taught and would not accept anything easily.

Had Mr Porter would have been in our classroom today, he would have had a really tough time. e-yumbiez are challenging his panchtatva theory and contesting that it does not have any weight in today's world. During the case discussions too, the claims are being contested and disputed amongst peers. At times these do turn into heated arguments (thank god we are not allowed to carry guns or missiles in the class), but it is expected. All of this is part of steep learning curve of our course.

On a side note, couple of results are out from mid-term and class dynamics is taking a turn. While we are still waiting for QAM and ME results hoping for Gods to smile on us, there is added weight to dispose off pile of projects and assignments we have in our basket. And by the time we submit these, we will be right at the doorstep of first term exams. May we be able to survive this. Amen!!!

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