Sunday, May 12, 2013

Essence of Mid-term exams

It was not even a month into the course and we found ourselves in a midst of a storm called 'Examination'. This is something which have frightened even Einsteins and Newtons since the start of civilization on this planet. Some of us have been in fact giving 'gyan' to their children to tackle this, but to give motivational talks is one thing while to tread on that path is other. None of us would have ever sat for exams in last few years except probably for the GMAT.

First and foremost of the task was to find out from where to start. Then with tons of material at our disposal, we had to figure out what to study and what not to. For many years, late nights has been synonymous with parties or booze and studying till late nights was a abnormal deviation from this mean. The clan culture which has developed at Ajmera was not able to save us as from this expected uncertainty. We essentially tried hard to devise strategies to grapple with wave of countless yawns and power naps during the lectures in the morning. But it seemed that all fundamental rights were violated during this past one week.

Fortunately, we had managed to scrape through this unhurt and in the end everyone was happy go lucky. Though some will be anxiously waiting for results, though it is trivial those who have attained absolute enlightenment. During the exams, couple of folks had a debit of one year to their age account and we innovated a new way of celebration to save costs.

Immediately after the exams, we had a alumni meet 'Anusmaran 2013' at IIMB and it added a new dimension to learning curve. Motivational talk by keynote speaker and former Microsoft India head - Ravi Venkatesan - on leadership was great and then there were series of interesting experiences shared by successful entrepreneurs from our institute. These expereiences makes one rethink about the career choice which he/she should make. Of course it goes without saying that we had a long night as well, but it is nobody's guess on what would have transpired.


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