Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EPGP - The journey commences

So finally here I was at IIMB campus on the afternoon of 9th April 2013. A dream come true for me to become part of this prestigious program at one of the best institutes in India. To be honest, there were more reasons for me to not join the program rather than for joining the program. EPGP is still in nascent stage of establishing itself and yet to reach a stage where it can challenge the world's best programs. But if the intent is to work in India after one year, this program is amongst the best.

As I started interacting with my fellow batch mates, the fears started to disperse.  A chance to challenge existing theories and principles with brilliant minds from this country is unparalleled. People from across the length and breadth of this country and lot of different experiences. It is an interesting experience to learn from people from backgrounds as diverse as Defense to Entrepreneurs to Marketing and sales.

First day went in registration for the program and second and third were for orientation. An orientation for settling in at Ajmera (the residential apartments) would have been better but hopefully everything at Ajmera would fall in place in couple of weeks. This reminded me of my earlier days in Bangalore.

IIMB has come up with a very innovative concept to ensure that all the students of this program are comfortable within few days of joining this program. We went to a 2-nights stay at Pegasus for some ice-breaking sessions. Pegasus is not a resort but functions more like a camp where we were involved in team activities (and activities were physically tiring :)). I have been a regular at office project events but this was totally different. There was no inhibitions and no restrictions as everyone was equal at this camp.

Initially it felt like these physical activities will take toll on each of us as I am sure, pretty much most of the batch would have indulged in such activities in long long time. It was physically tiring but was completely fun-filled. And then the urge to try things which we would have done long back. This camp brought back the memories of college life and the feel that we are joining the college back. Unfortunately, there was an injury too. I hope Pegasus takes measures to avoid such incident in future.

We all grouped together in the night and cracked jokes. Most of those were meaningless but brought much cheer. It was like everyone seemed to have come out of shell of monotonous work they have been doing. I am sure everyone had a time of lifetime at this camp.

On the last day of camp, we went for a trek to a nearby hill at 5 in the morning. It was the coolest thing to do. The trek was treacherous, but we managed to reach the top. It was just at stroke of that moment, that sun was rising and it came up from behind the mountains just as we reached to the top - a lifetime moment indeed.

The camp has ended but for each of us a different college life has started. Each one has huge aspirations and expectations from this program and surely no one has extra bucks to burn. Pretty sure, there will be good leaders who will come out of this program and make difference to this country's economy.

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