Friday, February 01, 2013

The Power Of People

Normally we underestimate the power which each of us possess. The context is always that what change a single person can bring to a system. We have a habit of downplaying the impact which we can cause by our actions. But I think this is changing now. We are slowly being made aware of the power we have and how we can influence the decisions in a society. Recently a shameful incident happened on the streets of Delhi and it has lead to huge public outcry.

It was not that rapes have never happened in India or it has stopped after this incident. Even the brutality is not something new to Indian society. But the widespread protests have made the democratic institution realized that people are fed up of the way it is functioning. The 'by the people' system is now answerable 'to the people'. The awakening of the people had also reached foreign shores. Never before any Indian crime was mentioned even as a footnote, but this incident is part of headlines. The trial is being followed by people across the world.

Last month I went to Canada and the first thing the immigration official asked me was about this incident. When I was in taxi, or anywhere else, people were enquiring on the trial of this case. This was not something for which I can feel proud. Everyone around the world is looking at the way Indian judiciary system. It is time for the Indian judiciary system to deliver fast track judgement on this case. As the crime has been proved, the only pending matter before the court is to decide on the judgement where most of the Indian public is demanding death penalty.

But I am afraid that because of the opposition to death penalty by judiciary and since every accused has a right to fair trial, the system will take long to deliver justice.There are widely diverse opinions on whether the crime is rarest of rare or not. And the way our system works, it can be years as we have shown that we will not settle for anything less than death penalty for accused. Till that happens, 'Amanat''s family will not be able to rest in peace and will be harassed with this ongoing court proceedings.

If justice is not delivered, it means that the system is of no use and it can be taken for granted. It will result in further downgrading of our reputation on global scene. I think the first step by fast track court should be to decide on the minimum punishment and ask the accused to serve the sentences till the final judgement is pronounced. With the crime being proved, this is the least we expect. If such a judgement is announced, that will act as a deterrent and will prevent many crimes from happening. That will also mean that the power of people is not being ignored and we help in restoring some confidence on our system and the government.

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