Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I just got lucky

My career has been quite stable with high paying job but the growth had slowed down. The attempt to switch jobs failed as the rise in compensation was not worthy for a change. So it appeared that I am glued to my job and there is no way out unless I see a light out out of the blue or I attempt something silly. That was when i decided to have a go at management education and took the first attempt at giving GMAT. That was the target with which I entered the year of 2012.

Bought the Official GMAT study guide and started preparation. It seemed silly to brush up my elementary mathematics and English skills at this age. Having prepared for CAT, the standard of questions seemed quiet easy and had me pondering on why it is difficult to score 700 in this test.

Grammar was an area where I was weak and I think Manhattan Sentence Correction Guide played an important role. I think other than these two books, I also tried to increase the speed to answer questions by working on math problems from CAT preparation guides. I tried to improve reading comprehension skills by attempting much bigger paragraphs than the ones we face in GMAT.

I got the date of test on 13 March, though I wanted an earlier date. I devised a very important strategy and i think it played the most important part in the final score. I broke down the each of verbal and quant in 3 small sub-exams and allocated time to it. Gave few minutes extra to question in the end to ensure that I have sufficient time in the end to counter difficult questions. Starting with score of 640 in first mock, I scored 740 in my last mock and I was pretty confident of achieving my target score of 700-720.

On the day of exam, I was slightly nervous and that played a part in my AWA score of 5.0. But AWA section helped me in coming up to speed. Still I was not sure if I was answering the questions correctly, as the questions seemed quite simple except for a couple. But when I saw my score my score of 750 (Q51, V40), I knew that I got lucky and I will be on a plane to one of the best business school soon.

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