Wednesday, January 25, 2012

India stare defeat at Adelaide

Do not go by the title of post, as it is too early to talk about the performance of the India team, batting in particular on a so-called placid pitch of Adelaide. But 2 days into the fourth and last test in Australia, and there is nothing to be seen in attitude of Indian Team which shows that they were ranked #1 in the world few months back. Drooping shoulders of the players in the second session itself on 1st day tells the story. It appears like all the players are just going though the motions. Seems like they are just to make up the numbers and they actually do not have anything to get from the series. Understandably, World cup is in pocket, we were number #1, have been T20 champions, so in a sense, most of the players have achieved it all. There is nothing left, unless you want to reach the benchmarks set by Australians or the West Indies team of yesteryear's. I feel that attitude is not to be seen as most of the players are on the brink of retirement. It is not far when half of the side will be new just because old players have retired. But the only worry is that, if this drags on, there will not be time left to groom new team for the next world cup. So it will not be easier for us to defend our title. Change should be the name of game now itself. It will take time, but atleast that will be acceptable. We should learn somethings from Australians. Hope some common sense prevail.

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