Friday, January 20, 2012

Statues to be covered in UP

I recently came to know of the EC order of covering the statues which Mayawati has got erected all over UP. Those include statues of elephant, her election symbol, as well statues of herself and Kanshi Ram. The sole reason behind this move is that it influences voter's mind which can impact election results.

Of course I am not a fan of Mayawati nor I support her in wasting thousands of crores of poor man's money on these statues. For sure she wanted to make her presence felt in a country where this right is 'reserved' only for Congress leaders. But I believe there were better means to achieve this and money could have been spent for a better cause. But that is a seperate discussion.

What I could not understand is how in the world can one think that such actions can influence voters. We all are so busy in daily chores that we never bothered to look elsewhere, neither at a person bleeding on the road, nor at any statue. Nor I think, a glance can influence anyone to vote for a person. Especially when we talk about elephants, how will it bother anyone if its trunk is upwards or downwards. But when anything is kept under wraps, for sure it develops a curiosity. And later many thoughts wander in our mind, which can obviously influence anyone to vote.

My personal view is that this will in fact benefit Mayawati more than the peeople who had asked these statues to be covered. Maya would be laughing her way to Raj Bhavan while her detractors will need those pieces of clothes to cover themselves. EC infact has made a joke of itself by passing such orders. Hope common sense will prevail soon.

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