Thursday, February 02, 2012

Foreign universities -Shoud these be banned?

Someone told to me the other day, that allowing Foreign Universities in India is bad for the country. It left me wondering whether it is actually bad or are we simply looking at couple of examples and making a judgement. I think this statement itself has 2 sides to it. Of course if we look at the run of the mill Universities which has opened educational centres in India, we really do not see any value-add being done by these universities. There are of course many universities opened which are no different than distance learning universities like IGNOU, Annamalai, Sikkim Manipal which only helps a person to get degree. Even for those there is no value add and having same universities is actually not making any difference. Having said this, I do feel that there are many examples where actually these Universities are making contirbutions to Indian economy. ISB is one such example. With parternipships with Indian Universities, these provide insight into the way other cultures think. Provide a totally different perspective to us, and a new line of thinking. Of course it is very important to ensure that all the Universities are accredited so that the degrees from these institutions are valid in India. Presently, without any such mechanism in place, thousands of students are duped of their money. The Universities are functioning, without being accredited by UGC. It should be made a punisable offense to operate universities as such. With these, i think we will be able to contol the cheating factor and risk will be mitigated. We cannot of course work in closed culture. Something like our economy. We had reaped many benefits after opening up our economy to the World in 1991.

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