Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Headline Today - US mulling millitary strikes against Iran

Read an article from newspaper today morning which talked about possible US military action on Iran. It seems Uncle Sam is not happy with the the response of Iraq on the sanctions being imposed on it. Since there seems to be no affect, US might strike Iraq or entrust its ally Israel to do this for it. Frankly, I do not understand the rationale behind this, nor I understand the backing by European nations for this. On one side, European nations are struggling with their own economic crisis. Every other day, their is a news of one or the other 'nation' mired in crisis. On the other, they have time to impose sanctions on Iraq. I do not know whether Iraq is having intentions of creating nuclear weapons. I am least bothered about it either. There have been so many nations which possess nukes. Who is to decide which nation is responsible and which is not? Just being a superpower does not mean it is more responsible than Iran, North Korea or India for that matter? There are so many rogue states that posses nuclear weapons. Why was there no hue and cry when other weaponary was acquired? There always seems to be an agenda with US to attack nations, but it does not seem to decide what to do after that. It is very well possible that Iran might become another Iraq. It will be more dangerous situation to be in than what is now. Imagine, major block of West Asia without any proper control - Pakistan/Afganistan/Iraq/Iran/Libya. It will only mean that the world will be more unsafe to live in. I just hope that there are no hidden intentions behind these moves.

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