Thursday, April 05, 2012

IPL Season 5

It is just a coincidence that Big Boss completed 5th season couple of months back and IPL just started its 5th innings. Still we can starked similarities between the two. Big Boss started at a time when people were getting bored of daily saas-bahuu sagas, TRPs were falling down and revenues were dipping. It brought a new run of reality TV in india. Even though Roadies was there, but MTV and channel V are the reserved territories of Generation Y. It was one of the first reality TV where people from all ages and genres were glued. Same was the case with IPL. India didnt made it to the World Cup quarterfinals, and people were disappointed. Interest was weaning and to make cricket a selling cake, IPL came into picture. As it turned out, it also turned out to be not less than a reality show. Second and Third season of both IPL and Big boss were a hit. It looked like these were the best things that have happenned to Indian masses in recent times. The sponsors and investors were getting good returns on their money. People were enjoying it, players of IPL as well as participants on Big Boss were making lot of money, which was even unheard of. It can be said that both were over the moon. Then came season 4. Because of so many reality shows and same saga on Big Boss, people started getting bore of Big Boss. Then more controversies were created, stories were planted, contrversial figures were roped in, and somehow Big Boss managed to hold on to it. With IPL, just before the tournament was to begin, India won the World Cup. It was assumed that it would mean IPL would be bigger hit. But then players were sold out different teams. Everyone was confused on where their loyalties were. Should they support Kolkatta or Saurav Ganguly? Rahul Dravid or Bangalore? And the popularity also took a dip. Noone was sure whom to cheer for. Somehow, still it survived. Now we are in Season 5. Big Boss was a dud. Even Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt could not save it. Sunny Leone, Pamela Anderson and what not was thrown to the viewers to make it attractive. Still it clearly felt that the show is on its last leg. Similarly IPL also looked like going the same fate. Opening ceremony was more like Filmfare awards, but still it failed. Opening match between Chennai and Mumbai failed to generate interest. Even the loud cheers appeared fake when the stadium looked more empty than full. Though there is still a month to go, but it seems that it has also lived its life. Money will not be pouring so easily in coming years and drastic changes will be needed.

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