Friday, May 11, 2012

Jan Lokpal Bill

Just the other day, on lunch table, we were having discussion on Anna Hazare movement and where it stands today. We all were amazed with the way Congress has tackled this movement and almost have made this a non-issue. At the same time around last year, this movement was gathering so much popularity and support that it looked that Congress day's at power are numbered. There was so much talk about corruption and how a common man is suffering with it. Even Prime Mignister of India had to bow to Anna. Any news on Anna was a front-page headline.

A year on, and this movement has been relegated to corners on Page 8 or somewhere. Congress has completely isolated Anna with its political tactics. BJP also could not do anything. Part of the blame also lies with Anna and BJP. Anna tried to avoid linking with BJP or RSS for fear of communal tag and BJP can never satisfy itself that it is not a communal party anymore.

No offense to Annaji or his team, but they ridiculed every tool which was available for getting this Jan Lokpal bill a reality. I feel that they jumped the gun when they rubbished Parliament's authority and supremacy. Parliament has enough powers, but when the constitution was drafted, it was not envisioned that too much of power can lead to it making a mockery of Constitution itself.

Having a separate authority or a headmaster is not the way to get this sorted out. It is for sure that same authority will become more corrupt when loaded with absolute power. What we need is to have accountability and strict selection criteria for Members of Parliament. We have reservation in education for so many decades, so why we cannot have educated leaders from all castes. When we have so strict criteria for IAS selection, why some of those cannot be there for MPs/MLAs. Also, if Annaji is so bent on having the bill passed, why to do it by sitting outside. I am sure that Annaji can win the election and form government if they contest. Then lets have this strong bill passed so that it serves the country for decades to come.

I do not think one should make mockery of our constitution, but we should stand for it and safeguard it. Otherwise, we are just asking for a autocratic rule without any accountability. I hope Annaji should not get disheartened by Congress' tactics and come out in open for a WAR.

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