Monday, May 14, 2012

Is Dictatorship Way Forward?

All around the world, dictator governments are being thrown up. There are revolts wherever there is dictatorship and people are not ready to accept any dictator's rule. Look at Egypt or Syria, revolutions against the rule succeeded, while there are muted voices in other countries as well. Then it left me wondering, why am I writing this article, especially if you consider I am living in the one of the largest democracies of this world. 

There is a reason for it. I do agree that in autocratic rule, common man does not feel as secure or free as those living in democracies do. I really am not countering it. But if you look at  India, the freedom and power to power hungry politicians is so much that they are selling the country and its resources like anything and still can afford to relax in the parliament. At the time constitution was drafted, all these power was just to make sure that those who are elected by "WE, THE PEOPLE" can deliver their duties without any fear. 

We are still following a Constitution which is 60 years old. At the time it was drafted, it was the best thing that could have happened to it. But what our senior politicians missed was setting an expiry date to it. No one thought that as India will progress, there will be changes needed to this democratic tool. No one could foresee what this will lead to. Ultimately, even after 60 years of reservations and with majority in minority now, we are still dragging it. Politics is only for the uneducated ones. Usually those who fail in education make the laws to run a country which aspires itself to become a economic superpower.

These power mongers just want to make cash for themselves without having an iota of responsibility. For them, the motto is, make cash in five years at power and live merrier till afterlife. Just hoard the money for self betterment. Let the common man take care of himself, as this is a "democracy". That is why i wonder that at least dictator has a sense of responsibility because of the fact that he/she owns the country. And rarely one damages his/her own house.

I know this is a very silly thought and stupidest of ideas that could come to someone's mind, but the apathy by government is making a mockery of our democracy. Need a change in constitution, and only then our democracy will be saved.

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