Thursday, March 30, 2006

I need a change

I dont think we will have to stress our brains for figuring out when we last heard this statement... Now and then you will heard these four words 'I need a change'... Be it a person who looks like toilin too hard on field or be it a person who has is sitting in a office or a food lover, everyone speaks for a change... Its only the requirement of change which differs... You might want to change your job or you might want to go to a different restaurant... However good the quality of thing, we normally get bored with the same stuff being served... It might look to a person that I am doing quality work but for me its very much possible that I am bored with it and want to do something else... but have also met people who though speaks for a change but when opportunity comes, they step back... may be its because every change brings lots of challenges with it and risks... have also found that such people just dont rise up the ladder and are not able to explore things...

In my case, I should say I have been very lucky as far as change is concerned... Though I am also a bit afraid of taking risks but its the boredom with the existing pattern that I normally accept whatever change is coming my way... Throughout my professional life, it has happened that whenever I feel that I have learnt enough in this field, a new opportunity, a new challenge has come my way... In a little less than 5 years, I have been a marketing engineer, a maintenance engineer, an operations engineer, then a software developer learning mainframe, then developing frontend applications in java, then working on a backend project, the learning Pharma tool Documentum, and then later getting to know of the Validations in pharma industry... phew... I have come a long way....
And on personal side, I am never satisfied with doing same thing for a long period of time... esp if get too interested, then just be aware that I am about to get bored with that stuff... nothing new...

but for me CHANGE IS THE NAME OF GAME... and I am happy to play this game...

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  1. Attaboy!!
    2 ghisepite quotations :

    "Change is the only constant thing in life"

    And a small prayer

    "Oh God!! Give me the strength to change what I can; humility to accept what I cant and wisdom to understand the difference between the two"


    Keep smiling,