Wednesday, March 15, 2006

evening walk in Central Park

wow... such a pleasant weather on Saturday after so many weeks... reminded me of blore weather... my roomie asked me whr to go today n i said Central Park.. its around a year here n hv been to this beauty of New York only once n dat was like we say 'matha tekna'.... as expected, streets were full n wen we reached park, it was like a festical... it was all crowded up... just at d entrance, blacks were doing shows... stopped for a moment to watch it n it was indeed nice, except for d fact dat the clothes they wore were horrible...

inside d park, people were just hvng fun... playin football... freezbie.... n man volleyball (my fav)... some were just relaxing on the rocks (reminds me of something)... tryin rock climbin... n wat else... ice rink was empty but people were around... cud b waitin for somethng... den came across a group of skaters... they had some music system of 80s in the centre with some hip-hop music playin n people were dancin around (on skates)... an old lady was doin it perfect...

moved ahead n found again another group of blacks performing... this was much better dan d earlier one... was quite fun... to pull people, they were sayin "Cmon White people, move in front... u dont have to b afraid of 3 black guys.. we wont harm u"... another was.. they asked a child to raise his hand, n den said, we got a volunteer... n lots of pranks in between...

den suddenly i got a call on my cell... thr was supposed to b a project release which I only had planned... so had to leave in between n rush back to home to do work :(


  1. i agree....CP is one of the best things abt NYC :)

    I rememeber that was the first place I went to after getting here...and I came in during winter so wasnt even crowded...will see how it goes in spring n summer!

  2. CP gives u a breather in d maze of high rise buildings... beautiful place 2 go.. netime..