Monday, March 27, 2006

Happiness - Is it forever?

Happiness... a term given to an excitation of cells in our body which feels good... but its what we crave for... its what we look for in our life... its what we work for... its what we try to get in life... but we have seen that how much we try, we cant remain aloof from sadness... bad times as we say... just today i was having chat with one of my friend and when I told her that whenever I feel more happy, i know my badtimes are just round the corner... she said similar happens with her... so does it remain with you forever... NO... otherwise how will you recognize the importance of it... you wil loose its very charm... and letme tell you one more thing, reverse also happens but we never remember that... So the best is to enjoy whatever time you get when you are having good feeling... and when bad times come, remember that it wil also not last forever... Even in those bad times you will have some small moments of fun which will give you strength... And you will always have people whom you can rely on... their support will always be there... Quite possible they might not be able to help you out, but even talking to them gives lots of ammunition... And thats how life goes... THIS WHY IT IS CALLED LIFE...


  1. I agree with what you say and I dont agree with you. I agree with you because there is always a tinge of doubt whenever I am "happy", thats when I wonder whether this "happiness" is heralding some kind of sorrow. I dont agree with you is because at exactly that point I tell myself, happiness is not a random state of mind....happiness is something that I choose from the moment. And when I think of that, I can feel matter what is the situation. You feel happy when things happen, the way you want them to happen. That is easy. But "life" has taught me this different lesson. Any moment in your life is a result of some choice you have made. And accepting it and choosing to be happy and grateful about that moment is the best way of justifying that some choice. Trust me "Life IS Beautiful". It is not a combination of happy and sad moments. It is full of happy and lively moments. Just a matter of improving the perspective and seeing the beauty of every moment we live.

    Keep Smiling,

  2. u r right... its a matter of perspective of looking at life... but we live in Indian society n thr are lots of moments which are affetcted by choice mad by your dear ones... n also unforseen circumstances.. so i think dat sad moments come but u need 2 look for moments of happiness... dats my view... but yeah, both ur n mine thots r same... just diffeerence in perspective..


  3. u r right..v never seem to realize that wen bad times r going on, good times r bound to come soon..
    bt one shud alwayz b optimisitc n tk life as it comes..:)

  4. say "we live in Indian society n thr are lots of moments which are affetcted by choice mad by your dear ones... n also unforseen circumstances"

    I think that accepting the decision of your dear ones or choosing someone to be dear to you, both are your choices...e.g. you like someone whom your family does not choose your family above the other special person or the other way round. And well, unforseen circumstances create the question of making a choice. And I think God's idea of fun is to make as impossible options as possible and then make you choose one:):)


  5. i wil only say its only a matter of looking at things... m still to reach d stage frm whr u look things... m sure life wil b more beautiful frm thr...

  6. Nothing lasts forever..I guess it shouldnt also..Definition of happiness changes as u grow as a person...what made u happy as a kid, might not make u happy now...
    what is bad for u now, might not be bad few years down the line.. U might laugh at it then...The gist is to live in the matter happy or sad, life never stops...