Thursday, June 06, 2013

Individualistic Behaviour During Term I Exams

With the status being 'back to college', how can examination be far behind. It is a demon which we all thought has been exorcised, but it is now part of life for next 1 year. It brings back some-fond-some-bitter memories. Some interesting experiences from term I exam season -

1. Suddenly, all the nerds with whom you never have gone beyond regular 'hi' become your close pals

2. The weather becomes all the more pleasant to tease you.

3. The atmosphere becomes all gloomy. Point 2 has a ripple effect.

4.  Having got used to QWERTY, its now back to basics. Pens, pencils, eraser, ruler etc are the tools being used to put our thoughts on sheets of papers. The only hope is that a chemist is helping the Prof to decipher.

5. Not matter how much you decide to not talk about exams,  its the same old story as soon as you are out of the hall. If there was ever a happy face, the reaction is 'oh sh*%' or 'f*^&'. A sadist delight indeed.

6. Open book exam has its own benefits. You learn lot more during the 3 hours in exam hall than what you prepared or what you learnt during whole term

7. You have a realization of the total course content just a day before the exam. It adds up to the point 3 above.

8. You take loads of print-outs but never understand what exactly it contains

9. What once used to be a party place turns into group study area, with scribblings all over the place.

10. Tastes and preferences change, a cup of tea is welcomed by even those who do not savor it

11. People keep on moving from one place to other in search of 'gyaan' or to find shortcuts

12. Last but not the least, you always make resolution to study from day 1 of next term. Amen!!!

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  1. The picture of the scribbling on the glass is apt for a blog post on the same day that you are studying the Nash equilibrium - a la Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind.