Saturday, June 01, 2013

Reflections... The Term It Was

Essence of Strategy
The first chapter of my journey at IIMB EPGP is just about to get over. It is probably some tiny monsters called exams which we will be fighting off next week, barring those the term is as good as over. Today was pretty hectic(?) day with most of us in race against time to submit projects before the deadline. In the end we made it and 'Nothing else matters'. We have finally got a two-day weekend with Saturday a holiday, but it is a far fetched dream to enjoy over the weekend when we have our first terms EXAMS starting from Monday. 

I was wondering what exactly this term was and what has been my takeaway from this. Consider this, for a person who is used to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day, a 5 hour sleep is now a luxury, discounting the thoughtful process thinking during lectures. The good part is that I have learnt the nuance of power naps. I was used to eating 5-course meal at Amdocs with dollies being dished out during the day and  here I am paying Rs 300 for rasam. I felt gratified with the sight of so many books in my shelf considering that last time I read any sort of book was 8 years back and I left even that halfway. 

Anusmaran 2013
I guess these are just few steps which I took towards attaining 'nirvana' during this term. But the real enlightenment was something else. Before this, I never realized that it is an art to understand the structure of an organization and it has to be carefully designed considering lot of factors. Earlier I used to invest in equities just by sixth sense, which explains the losses I have incurred over the years. I hope to use grey cells efficiently after the understanding I have gained to interpret financial report. Probability of my understanding has always been zero and regression interpretation have always been at lower end of the curve. Hopefully it should not be the same. Besides these, the case discussions made me ponder on how some companies have been successful while others have failed. I still have my doubts open but it is immaterial. Of course learned lot of facets of business law and hoping to cash on it. I would add that Eco had been an uncertain identity.

entrepreneurs in making
Apart from these sometime-interesting-sometime-exciting(?) courses, there have been number of seminars and leadership sessions happening around. Getting a chance to sit with likes of CEO of Himalaya, Mr Philip, or with Bally's Gaming Czar, Mr Srinivasan has made this EPGP journey even more exciting. In addition, the tips from speakers with as diversified profile as a Hindi literature professor or from IIMB alumni entrepreneurs, will be helpful in some point of time. Nonetheless I am enjoying the time here. On a regular day the time I get outside this course is inexplicable, but I have managed to squeak in some of the things. Be it swimming or swinging the baddy racket or burning the accumulated layers of fat at gym, I am giving shot to everything. One does not get another opportunity to be back at the college and the time here should count. The only regret so far, I have not been able to take out time to enjoy this lovely city of Bangalore, but I hope I can try something out in next term.

It was a deliberate act on my part to omit any references to the socializing activities over the weekend, but that's what MBA is all about. Some things are better explained unanswered.

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