Friday, June 21, 2013

Much Needed Breather and Happy Time With Family


Finally the 1st term exams concluded and it was such a huge relief. It felt like we have been released from prison. I must admit that this was even tougher than mid-term as it required quite a bit of commitment and dedication to remain connected for 1 whole week at a stretch coping with vastly diverse subjects. The end term party came as a good breather. Kudos to all the organizers Dinkar, Hitesh, Puneet, Tamanna, Archi, Jaya, Sarita, Poornima etal for organizing such a wonderful event during a period when each one of us was struggling to find time for studies. The retro theme was synonymous with what we all have been experiencing so far at EPGP and reminiscent of earlier college life.

It was a double exciting moment for me to meet my family after 2 whole months. Anshu and Arnav landed in Bangalore at the same moment I came out of examination hall after last exam. There were few more whose family arrived around the same day and I must say that it has not been easy for our families to stay away. It is their support and wishes which is keeping us going and helping us to cope with this rigorous program. Such is the rigor of this program that exams finish on Saturday and new term starts from Monday. It was apt that my family was here for a week.

The workload was very light during the start of term and I was able to have some good time with Anshu and Arnav. The weather has become much more pleasant during this 1 week. Besides, I tried to have some time off from my impending project assignments. We made a trip to Bannerghatta National Park along with Kiran and his family. Had heard a lot about the safari and both the kids enjoyed a lot there. For Arnav, it was the first time he saw all those wild animals so closely and a memorable trip for him. Both Arnav and Loukya were very excited when we visited the zoo later. Alas while coming back it rained very heavily and it was good exercise for me and Kiran to run towards the parking area.

Anshu was particularly impressed by the weather here and she is now tempted to stay at Bangalore. I might be shooting in my foot but I might be inclined to start another innings in this lovely city. The last week has been quite satisfying for my potbelly too with likes of paranthas in breakfast and dal makhani or shahi paneer in lunch/dinner.  I have been telling my wife so much about the delicious Italian food at 'Little Italy', and she really wanted to have a go at it. I was fortunate that restaurant did not disappointed and it is still up to the mark. Needless to say, after all this full week of good dining, the paunch only made its way back :).

Overall, it had been a one week full of happy family time and even though I wished that they should have stayed more, flight for Delhi was waiting for them at the airport and my assignments and submissions were shouting at me for some attention.

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