Saturday, January 27, 2007

How to buy your way to Heaven

Just follow these simple steps to buy your way to heaven and come in good books of GOD (?)
1. Follow every blind tradition and superstition, even if it means fasting for days or even months 2. God will give you bonus points if you go to temple bare footed... I guess this practice might have started just because Nike and Adidas were not in picture to make comfortable footwear to last distance...
3. Give donations so that gold work can be done in temples... It can be made more huge and grand so that its popularity rises... even if it means you are not able to get roof at your house repaired
4. Give hardships to yourself, though there is no need... Pain here Gain there... You will get mercy points if you do this
5. Abstain yourself from Sex... You will hit jackpot (angles ;)) once you are there

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