Sunday, January 21, 2007

'Racist' Big Brother

Past few days have spun a big deal of money for news channels in India and Channel 4's reality show Big Brother is now followed in millions of households... All Courtesy the 'Racist' comments of Jade Goody and fellow housemates on Miss Shetty... It is a well known fact that Whites still see dark skinned people as lesser mortals or even sons of lesser God... as people who should not even think of matchin shoulders with them... Color Discrimination is very much existant in Europe and US of A... Having spent more than a year in US, I have seen clashes between Whites and Blacks in subways... on the streets... How Whites snub and make faces when Blacks sit right next to them... Blacks still feel that they dont have equal opportunities...

But its also true that these societies are trying to ward off this evil from their society... Be it lot more visibility in society or the politics of vote or the economic status of dark skinned... Whatever be the reason of getting rid of this, but they are trying... But what are we doing over here in India... Few 'Racist' remarks in show and it became headline everywhere... Watch any news channel and you will think that there is no other news in World and no other issue... Reactions from every quarter of society... It looked that we Indians were highly offended by these remarks... But why so? We ignore the recent 'threat' by ULFA to Hindi speaking people in Assam... The recent riots in Bangalore... Why people in eastern states feels neglected... The north-south divide... Why words like bihari, tambi are accompanied with laughter on streets of Delhi... Still on December 6, there is heavy security all around... Hindus are living in fear for more than 15 years in Kashmir valley... Politicians still play cast card to win elections...

Just wondering why people are making such hue and cry over the evil there rather than concentrating on bigger problems in our society.. We dont have racial discrimination but catastrophic evils which we shud get rid of... We still play in hands of politicians who use 'Divide and Rule' every now and then... Makes me ponder when i watch these news items that are we interested in only masala news... We will watch and react to anything which is presented to us dipped in indian masala curry... Do these 'masala' news channel reflect the true opinion and face of Indian Society which was served to the public for a week...

Its time we shud realize that though we are progressing, we still are tied up at the hands of caste and regional discrimination... We should concentrate on warding off these evils rather than reacting needlesly to spicy dishes... Developed countries has all the means and capabilities and dont need our opinions... (might be touching red hot wire but thats the fact)... Rather than sending SMSs to Aaj Tak and likes(which just makes pockets of cell companies and media more heavier), we should try to make our society a better place to live... Only then 'India Poised' and 'India Shining' will look good...


  1. very true....we take every crap that media throws at us....I dont see wat is interesting in the show itself in the first place...starting from saddam's execution to abhivarya affairto what shilpa shetty is doing, I am not interested in any of these news....I just have to either watch them or quit watchin TV altogether....:(


  2. I dnt mean to offend any1 here but i think U r doing the same wht others to 'POINTING FINGERS' rather than doing somethg.
    Every other day i hear people coming up n saying that we pay more attention to Masala gossips etc and overreact to racist comments and all , we shudnt do all this and shud look whts happening inside.
    The only thg which i wud like to know is "HOW DO U PLAN TO HELP TO REMOVE THIS?" " what are u doing to improve India's current state".
    its always easy to point fingers but to do or start smthg is other thg which needs to be looked upon. more carefully.

  3. Well I kind of agree and disagree with naughty ...

    I dont think ur doing what others are doing , and that ur not pointing fingers , its a helpless realization, but atleast there is a thought. Its sad, we live in a country which has a tumultous population and everyday is a rat race, to get to IIT , IIM , AIIMS, to earn a lot of money , to be able to settle abroad. Its a pity, the way Youth is indulged in just survival insticnts , we do not have time to think abt country , we have families to support and money to make, because we know how we need money for tuition , hospital , bribes for every necessity. The requirement for money starts the moment we are born and rules over our life to survive in the so called developing world. Did u say racial , did u say religion , did u say sexual harrassment, Well we never heed to these words , unless we are the victims !!
    Who is to blame !! me , u , or anyone else , NO ! we cannot
    Could there be a change ... maybe , and thats a big maybe !
    Can u fight against the insititution , ULFA , underworld , or simply the principle of ur school who blatantly asks for donation , for ur childs admission ... how many people can fight !
    I dnt blame them , its the fight of the survival of the fittest, i dont blame them at all !
    Whats really sad , is that people who can make a difference , brain drain , why ? because ... its a lot of fight !
    Oh yes we could make organizations and aluminis , but then will u miss imporatnt meeting one day and work for the country ... i already know the answer !
    Regarding Shilpa Shetty,Dont blame media, Pls , it sells whats in demand , again ...SUrviavl of the fittest , if they satrted showing real news , there TRP would fall , they would shut down ! The single mouth kiss of kareena and shahid make the aajtak TRP soar the skies , so pls dont blame media , its showing what we want to see , Its the silent and moverful choice we make when we sift through the channels or the cyberspace ...

  4. naughty, though i am not taking out any processions or making loud noises, but yeah... I have always tried to not indulge in any discrimination and at my house, i persuade my family to not indulge in any of this... thats d least I can do and m doin... if we all start doin dis and make sure atleast our house is in order, even then we cud go long way...

  5. but still I disagree,saying malu/bihari doesnt always mean discrimination, its in a way of ack'ing their native place.
    Like if a street smart or fun loving person is seen first guess or commnet is r u northy or delhite?
    but saying stuff beyond this is and appreciating same culture people for promotion or etc is Discrimination.

  6. No comments... You are confused on what you exactly want to say... Saying mallu/bihari doesnt 'ALWAYS' mean discrimination.. So agree it does mean discrimination attimes...
    Street smart or fun lovin wil be only northy/delhite? i pity your thoughts, if you think so...
    And yeah we do discriminate on culture.. thats what i also wanted to say... so why are we arguin...