Saturday, April 15, 2006


Yes... You guessed it right... This is about Indian Ocean, India's biggest and most widely known band... I first heard songs from this band's album 'Kandisa' at a friend's place... but after that day I became a fan of this band... Would you believe me if I say I used to listen to this single song 'Kandisa' in office for days.. Some people call me crazy... One thing I like about this band is that they put stress on music... infact most of the songs you will find are without much lyrics... And they present a perfect blend between modern music and sufi music of past... Or in other words a fusion band...

I came to know on Orkut that this band is performing live in NYC... I booked the tickets... And I was there with some friends... It was in a restaurant cum bar and some guys came up with idea of sitting on the floor... so all followed suit and there all were sitting on the floor in NYC... reminded me of india wen i used to go for listenin to pravachans.. :)

The band started with a prayer om sahanaavavatu, sahanau bhunaktu.... beautifully sung by Asheem... Infact his voice hits you at mind... You are just lost in the music... searching for yourself... I was sitting on the chair but soon I find myself joining the people sitting on the floor... Then there was a song on Shiva's Tandav... Infact I get to know the meaning behind most of the songs at concert only... Then Jhini Jhini... Ma rewa... Hille Le... Leaving Home (Tum tum nana.. tum nana)... All were presented with perfect blend.. Then in between there was a jugalbandi between flute by Amit and tabla by Asheem... sometimes between Guitar by Sushmit and flute....

And how can I not mention the song Boll Weavil presented in a unique way, so different from the album... Asheem was using Rahul's electric guitar as tabla... and the sound of it... Must say it was the best performance of the day... Each one was dancing(of course while sitting) and swaying to the tunes.... The energy which the band exudes in presentation is tremendous...

After the break there was the song from Black friday... Bandeh... This song touches you at heart.. there is a force in Rahul's voice which strikes you at , you know where... And how can the show be complete without the 'Kandisa'... song which made them famous... I got to know the origins of the song... Thats another thing, I still dont understand the language it is sung in... :D.... And that was the last performance of the day....

All in all a wonderful concert and live performance... If you haven't listened to this band, I recommend you to listen atleast once to the songs... Especially the songs Kandisa, Bandeh and Ma Rewa.... you wont be disappointed... :)


  1. i always knew tat u r going to freak out on this one concert..
    n tats what u seemed to do..:))
    chalo..good kandisa kept u weekend company...

  2. it was really gud.. thouh was not on weekend...:(

  3. grrr..

    am again reminded that I missed it!!


  4. hey do u've lyrics fr dis song as in sm english transformation or its meanin....cudnt understand a wrd...heard so much abt it frm plzz do tell me its meanin if u knw...thanx!!

  5. hey sakshi... actually dis is a very old prayer which they sing in kerala churches... dats all i no which they hv told in concert... :(