Monday, April 17, 2006

For lazy bums... thought of the day

Today's mantra by 1008 Topi waale baba (registered trademark)

Now this post is for the lazy guys (gals also included) like me who like to achieve things in life but dont want to work hard to get them... Now people dont get disheartened whenever things seem to be going higher than what you can achieve... Me also used to get depressed untill I read Newton's Law on gravity... A great physicist who invented gravity and a law when he was hit by an falling apple... Its another matter sometimes I think of making a suit out of it... then I will have a lawsuit... Now dont tell me that I am digressing from topic.. how can we not discuss about Newton who is my inspiration for achieving things...

Now he said or wrote or told that any thing which goes up will definitely come down... This is called Newton's law of gravity... So I also believe that if I would like to get a thing and it seems to go up my range, I just wait n watch... coz my guru cant be wrong and it will come down.. Once it comes down, the you can grab it... So why to spend that extra effort on trying for that.. instead relax and spend time in doing quality work like sleeping, snoring, day dreaming... So dudes and dudesses, just chillax... you will get what you want... just give it a time...


  1. aweomse dude...exactly how I feel :)..finally one short n simple post I had no trouble understanding :)

  2. haha.. u n me think same... but to tell u.. thr is one more deep thot behind dis.. never get depressed or frustu wen things get away frm ur reach.. its all part of game...