Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rang De Basanti - Review

I had watched this movie some one month back but even today wen i think abt dis movie, i could not stop admiring it... thr was something abt dis movie... it was not run of d mill type of movie... it was not a usual melodrama... not whr u can imagine wat d end wil b like... not whr it shows wat does not happen in real life... dis was 'jara hat ke'... wat if thr were some pieces which director wud hv done without.... if thr wud hv been no comparison wid d real heroes of yesteryears, d movie might hv looked much better... but like everything, dis cud also be not perfect...

now let me tell u wat i liked in d movie... first, it was d life of college goers which is portrayed... dont bother abt nethng... just chill n hv fun... carefree attitude... dats hw college life in india is... neways who hv learnt nethng frm d courses which were designed some 50 years bak... so relax... den thr was d bonding which unites dem all... all had different opinions but still they were together... d frenship amongst dem was thr 2 see... n now d thing which i liked most... it was d portyal of feelings wen one of frend died in air crash... i mean it is tough to digest dat people take d extreme step of killing d defence minister... i mean d feeling was so strong... many times in our life we think abt killin someone, even for a fraction of second.. or we hope dat dis person shud die... or i shall beat dius guy to death... but in d movie, dis feelin was so strong dat it was coneverted into action... dis also portrays d binding dey all had... (though all were thinking dat they will b appreciated, in India... nah..).

n now d end... many people wanted d end 2 b different... some revolution shud hv happenned n india wud hv become d best country in world.. cmon, wil dis happen in real world... ur voice will b crushed n u wil meet d same fate as shown in d movie.. d revolution wil b suppressed... we believe only wat our (so-called) leaders say... dats wat was portrayed... THIS IS REALITY OF INDIAN POLITICS... though in d movie, it was shown dat thr was awakening sort of, but wait till d politicians buy d media in next few days, n portray wat dey want of d incident... we believe only wat we r told...

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