Monday, February 06, 2006

m i supreme :-/

y is thr a fight for supremacy evrywhr??? y does a person thinks dat he shud b supreme??? y do we want to make ourselves powerful??? y cant people live their lives normally n let others live??? dis is so confusin... i cant understand wen d leaders of present world have everything they want at their disposal, y do they want to get more... neways, i a democratic world, its every possibility dat it wil get out of their hand in may b next election... just d other day i was watchin TV show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, n contentants sung a really gud song... it was 'Ae mere watan ke logo'... no doubt d song is gud n it arouses sentiments... i remember one line which meant that a soldier is wounded but he is still carryin d gun to save d border... y is dis bloodshed... we keep on makin weapons n killin each other... but for wat cause... does neone have answer... is nebdy listenin... dis shows dat thr is no value of life... wat is life for... wat a man gets by doin all dis stuff... now look at it this most people say, someone is up here who is watchin all our actions n we wil get punished or rewarded wen we die... now in no way dis bloodshed is a gud deed... so definately u wil get punished... so wats d point in pursuin dis... for only some moments of fun... doesnt justify...also consider thr is no GOD... den wat we have all studied is true n human is created only thru some biological processes n nothin happens wen after death... so wat is d point in fightin wen if u die, u wont get nethng... u r not goin to take ne of d stuff wid u... thr is no relationship... wat we call love n feelings is just excitation of few cells in our body... so y r we killin evry other guy...i cant imagine hw can neone approve of dis actions... m talkin to those who do n not to those who order... y r u takin away right to live, which we ourselves hv given, frm another ... give a thot... stop killin...

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