Monday, January 16, 2006

Ski adventure

Thanksgiving day was a week away and we still hadnt plannned for the long weekend we had during that time... cant be.. so we decided to go for skiing... what if hadnt snowed nearby... wat if calls to umpteen ski centres disapppointed us as they werent open yet... finally Anshul found one resort which was open...

So on the morning of 26th Nov, at 8:45 am, we 7 people (I, Anupam, Anshul, Vivek, Kali, Akash and Sachin) started for the ski resort... now how many times we will get on the wrong route... it was more than 30 minutes we left and for the third time we are back from where we had started.. somehow after 30-45 minutes we managed to get on the right track... enroute, we saw mountains, houses, cars covered in snow... and suddenly it started snowing... man, i was seeing snowfall for the first time and not to mention, was really excited... driving was pure fun in those conditions... so after around 3 hours of we reached our destination at around 12:00 noon - Belleayre ski centre... it was snow everywhere, as expected..

we rented the ski boots, blades and poles... after wearing the boots, we started to walk like robots.. wat.. we cudnt move. they were too heavy... then we started for our ski lessons... we learnt few tricks.. dont tell anyone but i fell while waiting for lessons to begin... cudnt balance myself... hehe... and when i say, the most difficult thing is to get up... you have to take off your blades and stand up... So i fell down every time i came down the slope (it was couple of meters only :-(.. ) After one hour, the instructor left us and told us to start skiing ourselves... now we thought it should be fun.. so we went to lifts skiing... hey i fell down again and once in between had clashed with a snowboarder who was cmng at a great speed from the top.. so i decided to walkdown towwrds left pick-up area...

So there was I on the lift and started to admire the beauty around.. it was snowing and i was njoin it... suddenly i heard words, STAND UP.. hey, i had reached the top and the person there was telling me to stand up so that i get off the lift skiing... c'mon, hw will he know that i am doin it for the first time.. so again, it skiied, nd i was down in snow... watching the downhill, our dear friend Akash started to say, lets catch the shuttle back... we cant ski downhill.. now man, hw can i go back... me and Anupam said that we are gong down... so there we started... slowly anmd steadily we moved... hehe.. there i saw anupam in the snow... trying to get up... i said to myself, yesss, you can do it.. but wah.. there i was, in snow.. so take off ur blades, get up, put them on, and the n start again.. so i moved ahead.. den again i tried, and man.. i was gaining speed.. and there was no control.. all the lessons which we learnt were in vain.. n there was this tree towards which i was rushing.. so i tried d best way which i know to stop.. i turned the blade and i came down couple of meters rolling .. the blades were off my boots... but thank god, i avoided the clash... den i watched one skier being taken by the resort guys.. he was senseless, must have hit the tree while skiing... man, these people dont know hw to ski... hehe ;-) then again i started.. again i gained speed but now i know how to stop.. just fell down... but this time, i heard a voice from behind.. No No No... but 'honi ko kaun tal sakta hai'... we had to clash, and there we were in the snow... he didnt moved for few minutes neither did i... hehe... den i asked him, r u ok... hehe.. den i started again..

i fell down umpteen times (i lost count after 20... i watched anupam walking down as he had a muscle pull... Vivek and Akash came back from the top itself in a shuttle... but i must say njoied lot more than ice skating... might go again... so after arnd 3 hours of fun, we started back... our cars were all covered in snow... few of us started to play with snow and then we left the place... Not to mention again we lost our way... half an hour wasted but finally we were home with our whole body aching nd mind refreshed... :-)

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