Monday, January 16, 2006

need an occasion for celebration

we always look for moments n then to celebrate those moments in a really big way... give a thot to these tiny moments in life....

* A winter evening.
Four friends.
One barsaat.
Four glasses of chai.

* Hundred bucks of gas.
A rusty old bike.
And an open road.

* Maggi noodles.
A hostel room.
4.25 a.m.

* 3 old friends.
3 separate cities.
3 coffee mugs.
1 internet messenger.

* Rain on a hot tin roof.
Pakoras deep-frying.
Neighbours dropping in.
A party.

* You and mom.
A summer night.
A bottle of coconut oil.
A head massage.
Gossiping about absent family members.

Live life to fullest.... njoi to maximum... dont miss these moments...


  1. hey Alok..
    this is just so nice....and the weather outside is not helping!!

    Nostalgia, here I come!


  2. this is really sweet.. i guess its juz how u cherish everyday, its in us to make everything so special and worthy :)