Monday, December 19, 2005

year end PP

hi folks... its year end time for the quarterly project party... so after lots of discussion, we decided to go 4 skiing.... wait.. skiing... noooooo.. i just went for skiing d other week n was in no mood to go again.... n thr r lots others who were not interested ... so finally we decided to go 4 bowling followed by a dinner... d plan was to start bowling at 5:00 pm but as evryone came by IST so we cud start only at 6:00 PM EST ;-) so thr was evryone to prove themselves at the bowlin lane n we had experts opinion cmng for the novices... some got clean strikes... few missed on evry shot while some like us had thr shots...
n den... d clock showewd it was 7:00 n time 2 leave... we headed towards zen palate at 46th st 9th Ave.... 4 dinner... dinner at 7:00.. aain.. sounds somewat out of place... not at 7:00.... so we ordered some snacks.. soups n started antakshri... though it was hard to persuade d kishore kumars, sonu nigams n lata mangeshkars to sing... hehe :D... slowly d volume started 2 increase... it was a small restaurant n other than us only 2-3 tables occupied.. so thankfully nobody objected... den we realized dat we hvnt ordered nethng for last half n hour n the restaurant guys might not throw us out... so we decided to order main course... it was continental restaurant so we cud get only noodles n rice.. hehe.. just kiddin... we ordered some unknown dishes n had stomach full of them... it was different frm routine food so infact it was more delicious... after hvng food, we headed bak to times square to hv some ice creams or coffee or watever... but den nobody was interested so people just left to thr destinations except myself, chandu n prabir..
we hanged arnd for some time... prabir had dis book abt the history of manhatten n he started to bore(coz m never interested in history... live 4 future, man...) us wid wateer was writen in dat.. but finally he realized so he stopped n den after spendin some quality time at the heart of US, we headed towards our home...

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