Thursday, December 22, 2005

stroll down d NY streets

stroll down d NY streets... in dis chilly weather whr d temp is below zero nd winds r blowin to pierce ur body... nah... who in his senses will do dat... it was thanks to the MTA strike... no transit subways... no buses... n all d cabs were full... so i had to take a WALK from 33rd street path station to my office at 42nd street... it was freezin but to tell d truth, i enjoied it... if not for my laptop, it wud hv been really fun... people were ridin bicycles.. skateboards.. roller skates.. all means were employed... it took me around 30 minutes to reach office n by d time i was thr, i was fully exhausted... no wat... evryone came to office bravin d cold weather... so i was not alone.. :-)

but i really hope dat dis gets over soon... once in a while dis is ok... but daily.. man, i will die.... y a common man is made to suffer in dis pool of shit... people who do such nuisance r not affected at all... c'mon, dis city which never stops is being held at ransom... thankfully its quite long weekend ahead and only one more day of dis silly strike...

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