Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cloud - the buzz word

Lot of buzz around 'cloud' these days. It is being touted as the next big thing and seems everyone is rushing towards it to grab their share of pie. For the uninitiated, cloud is anything where IT services are available as a 'service' rather than in a conventional mode. In other words instead of purchasing IT products, you pay for what you use. Crude analogy would be instead of purchasing a car, take it on lease. Lets look at some of the benefits which cloud claims to offer:

1. No upfront Investment - It helps in turning my CAPEX into OPEX. I need not invest into the IT infrastructure which comes at huge cost and rather I would be happy paying for it as per my usage. As most of us know, it is a IT is highly depreciating asset - be it software product or be it infrastructure.

2. Focus on Business - I do not have any expertise in managing IT. So if I set-up IT, I will have to spend lot of energy and time towards it. Cloud providers are taking away this pain and I can focus on my core business.

3. Save Space - I need to allocate premium real estate space for the infrastructure. With each passing year, IT assets depreciate while the cost of real estate goes up. In other words, my cost of ownership is increasing two-fold. I need not worry about this when moving my IT to a cloud.

4. Experts for job- I can be assured that an expert is managing my IT. Much better than a novice who is preparing his resume for next job while sitting in my office.

5. Data anywhere: I can access my data anytime anywhere if I have Internet connectivity. Recently we went on a trip and we all left our phone in the cab. Unfortunately, the cab driver number was in the phone and there was no mean to get the number. Fortunately, my friend had his address book stored on iCloud and he accessed his address book from a nearby cafĂ© and called the guy. It was pretty simple.

Recent reports by Gartner suggests that in India, cloud services are expected to grow at CAGR of 33% till 2017. And the above benefits are the reasons for it. The fears around cloud have been Security, Reliability and Speed are being addressed by Telcos. As these concerns would be addressed, we would see more and more adoption. Cloud indeed provides a lot more than what is mentioned above and is the next big thing for IT revolution. It is no surprise that we see everyone moving towards cloud adoption. And over this adoption journey, there are bound to be lot of fall guys. What will be interesting to see how other services evolve with the challenges posed by cloud adoption....

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