Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Assembly election results will set the course

With final phase of polling to end with Delhi tonight, now the focus shifts to election results that will be out on 8th December. Assembly elections very close of general elections do give some indication on which party will have edge but more or less the bearing is governed by local issues, incumbency factor or how regional parties are performing. But this election is special. It has been 3 months NaMo was declared prime Ministerial candidate by BJP. In doing so, it has to loose support of its long term ally Janata Dal (U) and many other political supporters. It was a well calculated risk taken by a party that has been affected by its internal problems more than what is happening outside.

Since he took over the charge, Modi has been rallying all over the country and commanding an unprecedented crowd that has been the envy of Rahul Gandhi in whose rally pleas are being made to people to stay. NaMo has got support coming all over from Singapore to United States with even Goldman Sachs bringing report in his favor and Times magazine nominating him for 'Person of the Year' award. With such support, everyone expects him to make huge impact on these state elections. You read social media and you would tend to believe that solution to all of our country's problem is NaMo.

So what can go wrong? If BJP does not win the assembly elections is it because people do not believe in development agenda of NaMo or is it the anti-incumbency wave in MP and Chattisgarh or will it be because of presence of AAP in Delhi elections? You would not mind forgiving Modi if that happens as these elections are being fought on local agenda and issues and NaMo is certainly not expected to make a difference. After all, he has just arrived on national scene and his litmus test will be Lok Sabha elections and not this one.

So why is everyone following these elections? I strongly believe that this election will actually set the stage that whether people have started believing in BJP or whether this one person can bring the change or not? The BJP win despite all the odds mentioned above will indicate whether we have the possibility of decisive government at the centre after the elections or is it going to be politics of opportunistic people standing on a slippery surface. A clear decisive victory will give the companies this hope and they can actually start investing in future plans rather than waiting for general election results in early 2013. Otherwise, it will only delay the process which will slow down the progress.

On a side note, I also believe that we are going to see some impact on our campus recruitment process as it is in someway related with the expansion plans of corporates. We have to wait till 8th Dec to see if there is some positive for us in the results or not!!!

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  1. Well, let's hope the exit polls are an indication that things are going to get better for from now.