Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is Congress playing into the hands of NaMo?

While we all are busy washing dirty linen for last 2 days, my thoughts wandered towards the fancied ways NaMo is adopting to arrive at the big political scene and the flutter being generated by his 'puppy' comments. It was only few months back that BJP was struggling to find a leader who can spearhead their campaign for next General elections and bring them back to power. And then they have been taken over by this NaMo effect.

It is known to everyone including the Congress party that they have very difficult chance of coming back to power and BJP thought they had great chance to grab top post. But what they were missing was a charismatic leader - one who can keep the flock together and who can decrease the dissidence prevalent in the party. It is surprising to note that after initial cribbing, most of the voices within BJP against the elevation of NaMo has gone silent. The elevation has had an exponential effect on the morale of RSS cadres who does all the ground work. It seems that someone has infused fresh leash of life into them.

The point to ponder is whether Congress has enough ammunition to ward off this threat and gift 'yuvraj' coveted post in the country. Is it only a veil on secularism which will be sufficient and even if it makes a difference, is Congress overdoing it? The way comments are coming in from senior Congress leaders indicates that everyone who is a Hindu is communal and everyone else is secular. Within no time, BJP has been branded a communal party and a threat to country's secularism culture. In my opinion, the elevation of NaMo has come at an opportune time as this mud-slinging campaign against communism would live its life much before the elections.

I must appreciate the meticulous and articulate work his team is putting in to make this person larger than life and ensuring that NaMo has very high visibility in all sections of society. The recent 'puppy' remark has generated a lot of controversy. Was it a slip of tongue or deliberate act on his part? To brand himself as a 'Hindu' nationalist has been condemned by various other parties. Only a fool would believe that NaMo had accidentally generated such controversies. He plans his acts very carefully and never have seen him making any controversial statements. One thing is for sure that this guy is garnering huge chunk of publicity at Congress' expense and expanding his reach.

Many will agree that NaMo likes to focus his campaign on development agenda and probably he is just ensuring that Congress and all the 'secular' parties run out of any ammunition they have and then he can start propagating his agenda. Since he would have reach to larger parts of society thanks to Congress, people would actually like to evaluate him and I doubt he will then create any furore with any such controversial comments.

It looks quite obvious to me that controversies are being created with larger cause in mind. Instead of focusing on the remark, it will do political parties more good to look behind the scenes and probably unearth a bigger picture. The comments are not directed to any section of society but they are being made to appear like that.

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  1. nice article alok.... well congress may not win coming elections but to assume BJP will win sounds too much of far cry... for ten years they did nothing ... i think they hope people give them PM chair on platter just because they are bored of UPA.