Friday, August 03, 2012

Saina vs China

It seemed that every Indian has developed a liking for Saina Nehwal for her grit and determination to take on the world. Coming from a state where girls are less likely to take on the world, she has dared to challenge the mighty chinese in the sport of badminton. Today was the semifinal between Saina and China's Wang who is current World No. 1. Everyone is office cafeteria was glued to TV watching the match. The cafeteria seemed so full with activity after such a long time.

Every point for Saina was cheered and applauded. She did tried to match her chinese counterpart stroke for stroke, but once Saina gave away the lead, it was very difficult to catch up. Eventually she lost but scoreline of 21-13, 21-13 does not suggest the hard work put-in by Saina. She had made chinese sweat for every point. Many said that Saina committed many unforced errors, but it looked to me that whatever Saina tried, Wang had response ready, which forced Saina to try something different to get the point.

Probably she did tried too hard and the five previous losses were in her mind. But that takes nothing away from her. She has made every Indian proud and whether she wins the medal or not, she has carved for herself a niche place in history of India Sports. And she is still young and will have a shot at the medal again in Brail four years later.

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