Friday, January 16, 2009

From me to you, a gift of life

Many times, I have thought of donating blood, but have always backed out or can say have been too lazy to go to bloodbank and donate. I can remember only once where I had contributed to this. But still the will has been there. Over past few days, I have been involved with the community relations club at Amdocs where we contribute something meaningful to the society. This week on 13th of January, we had a blood donation camp organized in the company premises. I thought that this is the chance and where i can leave my laziness behind as I had to only go one floor downstairs.

So as soon as camp started, I was standing there right in the front. Within few minutes, registration and initial medical chekc-up was done and I was there at the chair with a pouch in my hand, which was to collect the blood. As I have fainted earlier as well while donating blood and reason for this can be contributed to my genes, I was sure of the same again. RMP wasted some time in giving instructions to his assistant on how to extract blood from my body. A needle was pierced in my vein after much discussion on which is right one and it started sucking blood from my body. Expectedly, as I can remember, dizziness started to set in. darkness was spreading in front of my eyes, and I couldnt hear anything. My senses were numbed but brain was still working and thinking I will I come back to my senses. Somehow I asked for water. I can feel that I have been sweating.I think it lasted a minute or so. But then I was back again and back to ground zero.

Though what matters is that in the end, I succcessfully donated a unit of blood. Then I had a bottle of milk and some snacks, fruits etc. soveniours were also given for this cause. So not a bad bargain as well ;) Anyways, whatever be the effects, I am definately going to donate again as this helps me to contribute something for the society which I am part of. Cheers :)


  1. chalo kisi tarah to society ka bhala kar raha hai tu :P

    maine to school mei donate kara tha blood and then it used to be more of a fad. I then donated some years back for a cousin who was unwell and I fainted :D

    I don't think I'll donate in a blood donation camp but will for sure if I know of a person who needs it.

  2. Sissy boy....kya faint and all...but none the less am proud of you!! Kuch tho meaningful kiya apni life mein :)

  3. Well done Alok.. K group ka naam roshan kardiya :)