Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Many many happy returns of the day ;)

10th of Sep... here it was again... to remind me that I am gettin old... m I :-/... I will rephrase it... with evry passing year, I am getting more matured... Nonethless... this was not just any other day.... Have invited (or rather they invited themselves) some office frnds for dinner at my place evng before... One after other.. so it was like a large group was at my place... It was very thotfull of them to have stayed late so that they can wish me runtime in LIVE MODE... So as clock needle was nearin 12, all were gettin ready to celebrate... Forgot to mention.. Some wild beasts were also present.. Wont mention details abot bruises i got... Suddenly i found myself hanging in air... each one of my so-called frnds (Dushmano ki kise jarorat) gettin ready to kick me... And i was thinkin they wanted to wish me... Dont know this was their way of makin me feel special... So bumps started... was kicked like dogs... sorry.. dogs are treated much better in US.... it looked like they hvnt played football (british not american) in ages... so were practicing Goalie kicks... jiski jo bhi bhadaas thi, sab nikal li.. felt like m in a slaughter house... :((

Finally, taras aaya... n they left me down on floor... somehow got up and was ready for cake cuttin ceremony.... Cut the cake admist chants of 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU'... luckily had the first bite.. coz now i was ready for the world's best (worst) make-up... Whole face was smeared up.. then some gr8 mind came upo with a idea of shampooin my hair with cake.. n also some modern art on my there I was... the test sample... Later, I went to clean it up .. and my f***** roomies.. came in the bathroom... smeared my fresh cleaned face again.. videotaped all the event...took censored fotos... :(... somehow managed to send them off, took bath :O (at 1 in night) and came out clean and fresh.. my face glowin after a wonderful facial treatment...

All went back home... And then there was a pleasant SURPRISE awaitin for me... Got a call from a frnd and she told me to come downstairs.. What.. At 1 Am in the mng.. what are you doin at my place... You shud have been sleepin in home.. Anyways went thr and there they were... to celebrate it at the riverside.. I cut the home-made chocolate cake and the cake was DAMN tasty... really dat was one special moment... with manhatten skyline in night on other side of river... we were njoin... in between lookin for some passer-by :O who can take snaps of 3 of us together... :D ...

All in all, it was a night which will be one of the memorable one.. Thanks a lot to each for making it so... Once again .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME... AND I AM GETTIN WISE.. NOT OLD...;)


  1. Hope all your Birthdays be memorable and on every b'day you get more and more bumps and me if there is nobody to honour you with these ;)

  2. nahin.. dis time it was more than enuf.. wil keep me busy for many b'days to come.. :D
    though thnx for carin... :P

  3. this is what i meant by having a special bday (not d bruises but cake cutting wid Bhanumati and Satyavati :P)