Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Passion... that was... that is...

guitar... this was my passion for long.. a dream which I wanted to fulfill from, I dont remember when... trid my luck in b'lore.. but sadly the guitar school near my place closed some time before I tried... tried to look for it at its new location but all in vain... so again the dream was buried... though I loved the songs like 'neele neele ambar par' or 'Welcome to Hotel California' and whenever I used to hear such songs, passion used to reignite... Whenever I hear Metallica, I used to thought that someday I will play something.. not like him.. but yeah I will atleast try some songs... I loved the way Metallica butchers Guitar... though mostly its electronic guitar...

Okie.. enuf of my passion... So sometime, while sitting at a friend's place and listenin him play guitar, we struck a deal that he will teach me guitar... I looked at sites.. and finally I bought a guitar... a good one... not just one for begineers.. so I started my lessons.. and was going very well... initial session.. and man. i was loving it... in between went to a show of Indian Ocean.. and the passion multiplied... but then the main training started... was told to play some G, C- chords... I tried it many times... but I couldnt figured where I went wrong...

my fingers were touchin the strings below... and above... or the sound was not coming proper... cut my nails to minimum.. still could not play that simple chord... shame on me... somehow I felt that my impatience will win here... after trying lots of times.. i just gave up... a passion... a dream... which has been for years.. and it took just 2 months to evaporate :(( ... it was just kept in a corner... in between I tried again.. but i guess what was it.. may be my fingers.. or my impatience... or may be am not that persistant... used to look at it daily and then thot ki forget it beta... but then a friend asked me for it.. he said he wants it andf will take it... and one day he indeed came and took my heart... my passion.. which was my soul till sometime back...:((.. But its still a passion.. but a failed passion... and one which i tried to fulfill.. so now no regrets that I cant play one...:)


  1. When I was a kid, I took piano lessons for ten years. Now, I have sadly lost all of my skills. I went many years without playing. I should have kept practicing and taking lessons, because maybe I would have been somebody.

  2. *huggg ya*

    its a passion to hav a deep passion sometimes... like some fall in love with the idea of being in love rather than being in love really ~

    try mandolin this time..HAHKs..salman khan and DDLJs shahrukh ;) had them giggle giggle giggle

  3. nahin.. ab main kisi musical instrument ko nahin bajana seekhunga... i wil only sing now... :D

  4. there is nothing like a failed passion...if u really want something, put ur heart and soul into it...nothing can stop u from achieving it...

  5. hey... common...
    u can try again...
    am sure its difficult, but then whats the fun in conquering something easy..